Brief History

In 1977, several members of the Boulder Drive Church of Christ in Dallas joined together to form this congregation and establish an evangelistic work in this area. The first meeting house was a home that was converted to a church building. The growth of the congregation by 1983 made it necessary to move into a larger facility. At that time a new building was built at the intersection of Hill and Overlook. This building served the needs well for many years.

After some time, the members decided that a location with a higher profile was needed, and in 2006 the land for the present building was purchased. It was agreed that a unique design which would stand out and be seen as a welcoming pillar in the community would be desirable, and the plans for the current building, replicating the design of a church building constructed in 1880, was selected. This building now stands as one of the most recognizable landmarks in the immediate area.

Over 20 years ago, Gerald Hill was brought in to lead the evangelistic efforts of the congregation and has been, along with his wife, Marjorie, a guiding force in the work here. Gerald is now one of the elders of the church and serves along with elder Steve Johnson in shepherding the flock.